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Evan’s last day of work at Morgan Stanley was June 29th. He starts his new job at The Carlyle Group in Menlo Park (California) on July 16th. Since the apartment in San Francisco is not available until July 15, he will sleep on the floor of a friend’s apartment in NYC for several days, then spend July 4th with more friends in the Hamptons. Evan is also planning to squeeze in a trip to Vancouver before he puts the suit back on and re-enters the corporate world. It turns out the only thing he has to pack are his clothes. The next renters have asked to buy the few pieces of furniture that he owned. I’m guessing the first item on his shopping list for his new apartment is a bed (or an inflatable air mattress). Travelling light has taken on a whole new meaning….

On a different note, last week I joined my twin sister, Kim and Rachel (Kim’s daughter) to watch Ben (Kim’s son) race his beater car in the Beech Ridge Raceway’s Day of Demolition Derby. It was hysterical. This is the third time Ben has participated in this crazy event. The first race featured three cars at a time, driving backwards to cross the finish line. Ben was in the lead but got knocked off the track by another rattletrap car that crossed the line first.


The second event had three cars at a time doing a figure eight around two huge tractor tires. Ben got taken out after the first tire when a dilapidated old van (with ‘FREE CANDY’ spray painted on the back doors) banged him into the wall, knocking his front right tire out of commission. Despite flooring the gas, his old jalopy remained tilted into the ground. He got out and was driven in a pick-up truck off the track while a forklift ceremoniously removed the car. It was a fun night of many, many laughs.