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This is a “must read” for everyone who has registered for a Webinar.

Webinar Instructions and FAQs


We are very glad you decided to join our Webinar and we are deeply committed to making this experience a valuable learning opportunity as well as a trouble-free one as it pertains to dealing with the necessary technology. Please take the time to read all the material that follows carefully and completely. We are confident that you will find it helpful.

Roadmap for Trouble-Free Computer Webinars

Online learning options necessarily rely on computer technology for delivery to end users. The majority of registrants are familiar with the use of computer technology and own and operate up-to-date computer equipment and electronic transmission options that are compatible and offer no connectivity challenges. Some, however, may feel challenged by unfamiliar computer equipment requirements and terminology or may have out-of-date computer equipment, software and slow connections to the internet.

This section is provided to help ALL Webinar registrants experience stress free learning by identifying IN ADVANCE the steps to take to avoid problems with computer technology. We strongly recommend that you read all that follows; take the steps recommended; print this for future reference; and save this email in a special NEW email folder titled “Webinar”

  1. BEFORE you click “Register Now” please double-check the email address you typed in. If the email address in incorrect, the system will not be able to communicate with you and you will not receive the Webinar.
  2. Type in the email address where you wish to RECEIVE the Webinar (i.e. as distinguished from your work email; you spouse’s; or anyone else’s email address) This is the ONLY email address that will receive the Webinar.
  3. Immediately upon registering, add KERRY ANN MENDEZ to you “Contacts” list to prevent your spam filter or Promotions filter to separate your Webinar emails from your INBOX. All Webinar emails you receive will be coming in identified as from KERRY ANN MENDEZ either by, or
  4. Immediately upon registering CREATE A NEW EMAIL FOLDER titled “Webinar”. As emails come in relating to the Webinar, drag and drop these emails into this folder so you can be sure to KEEP and FIND THEM any time you need to.
  5. Check your INBOX regularly for new Webinar emails coming in.
  6. The first email you will receive, literally SECONDS after you register, will be your RECEIPT. As mentioned, drag and drop into your new Webinar email folder.
  7. The second email you will receive, literally in the next couple of minutes, will be a “Thank you for Registering” email in the subject line from on behalf of Kerry Ann Mendez. This email contains several IMPORTANT items:
  • Automatic “Add to Calendar” feature. Not necessary to do this if you prefer not to. But PLEASE make sure you put the date and time in your computer calendar, notebook, refrigerator, or whatever you use daily.
  • Link to join the Webinar: this link, when clicked on the day of the Webinar will take you right to the Webinar.
  • Check system requirements link. This is HUGELY important for you to click on right now! It provides computer system diagnostics (free) and analyzes your 1) Operating System, 2) Web Browser, and 3) Internet Connection. If you get all GREEN checkmarks this means you are 100% compatible. If you get one or more RED !-Marks (Exclamation marks) it means the red ! marks are INCOMPATIBLE and you will need to update the deficient area in order to view the Webinar. For more information on what to do you may call GoToWebinar, the software app provider at (855) 352-9002. When the recorded announcement starts, press “1” for Webinar, then press “1” again for Technical Support, the press “1” again for Online Event Support. Ask to speak to a representative and explain your issue. They will shed more light on it and direct you.
  • Note (1): If you are unfamiliar with upgrading your computer we suggest Geek Squad (at any Best Buy), Staples, or your local computer support store. To upgrade your internet connection please contact your internet provider, i.e. Time Warner (Spectrum), Verizon, AT&T, etc.
  • Note (2): Webinars are NOT available over satellite connections or via dial-up connections. Bandwidth must be of DSL quality, or better.
  • Note (3): Before the Live Webinar and/or the Webinar Replay “X” out (i.e. close) of all open apps, shut down your computer, wait a few minutes, and re-boot or re-start your computer and go to your emails.
  • Click here to view computer requirements and quick tips video.
  1. The next email you receive from Kerry Ann Mendez will include more information about what will be featured in the Webinar plus a link to view and print the LECTURE HANDOUT. This is a very important component of the Webinar lecture and contains much useful reference information. Please print it, save the paper copy, and file the email in your Webinar folder for future reference. A CEU (Continuing Education Unit) form is also in this email, available for printing. This form is for Master Gardeners, Certified Horticulturists (Green Industry Professionals) and Landscape Architects.
  2. The next email you will receive from (on behalf of Kerry Ann Mendez) will be a REMINDER, THREE (3) Days before the Webinar. This email, as with all emails from, will include THE LINK to click on to attend the Webinar. File it in your Webinar folder.
  3. Then you will receive a FINAL REMINDER ONE (1) hour before the Webinar. Again, from (on behalf of Kerry Ann Mendez), which will also contains THE LINK to click on to attend the Webinar. File it in your Webinar folder.

Joining the Webinar

Click on the link provided and you will be directed to the” waiting room” if you are early. If you are on time or late you will directed right into the Webinar.

Note (1): Any problems joining, or for anything else, please call the 855-352-9002 number provided above and follow same procedures.

Note (2): Kerry Ann Mendez will be unavailable via email or phone ONE HOUR before the start and end of the Webinar.

Asking Questions during the Webinar

Go to your QUESTION section in your GoToWebinar menu and type in your questions. Answers will be emailed to EVERYONE within a week (or less) of the Webinar.

Note (1): Questions must be DIRECTLY RELATED to the material being presented in this lecture. Unrelated questions may be submitted to your local University Extension office (i.e. Master Gardeners) or trusted nursery/garden center.

Note (2): You will be given a half hour and a fifteen minute warning to type in your questions. Once the seminar ends, we cannot accept any more questions concerning the Webinar via our personal email or telephone.


Within 72 hours of the live webinar you will receive an email containing a CODE and a LINK to the recording of the Webinar. This code is for your use only.

Before you do anything, save and close ALL your open applications on your computer; shut down; wait two minutes; then re-start your computer and go to your emails.

Click on the YouTube screen provided and enter the code to activate the replay. You may view the replay 24/7 as many times as you want, but it will not be possible for you to share the replay with an UNREGISTERED individual.

Note (1): The replay code is CASE SENSITIVE. Please be sure to use either capital or small letters, as indicated.


You will also receive an email from Kerry Ann Mendez asking you to evaluate your experience and make suggestions. We rely on your input to improve, make changes and add topics.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Program features, functionality and benefits
  • Purchase terms, conditions and copyrights

Where can I learn more about the Webinar, i.e. topic description, features, re-play, lecture notes, Q & A, door prizes, purchasing past webinars, devices that can be used to receive the Webinar, CEU credits for Master Gardeners, Certified Horticulturists and Landscape Architects, etc.?

Go to the Perennially Yours website. Click here.

Is the Webinar Free?

The Webinar is a privately produced (by Kerry Ann Mendez), fee-based, online gardening education resource licensed for individual use (not groups) that requires a nominal payment ($7) in advance to register and receive the link to join the live broadcast as well as to receive the link to replay the broadcast.

What if I cannot attend the broadcast on the scheduled date and time?

Within 72 hours (or sooner) of the scheduled Webinar date and time you will receive an email with a link and a special password so you can view the broadcast any time at your convenience, as often as you want, in part or in its entirety. This password is unique to you and may not be shared with anyone, either registered or unregistered.

Can I view the Webinar with a group?

Our webinars are designed for personal education only. They are licensed for viewing by the individual who registered to receive them on their personal computer device and may not be projected and viewed by non-registrants.

Can the replay link for each registrant be forwarded and/or shared with a non-registered individual?

The replay link is exclusive for each registrant and cannot be forwarded or shared with non-registrants.

Can the presentation be filmed from the computer screen of the registrant and made available (audio and/or video) to other individuals and/or groups?

Every screen and every handout is copyright protected and may not be made available in any form to anyone not registered.

Can I purchase past Webinars?

Absolutely! Please click here and click again on the topic you wish to purchase.

When are Webinars scheduled?

Quarterly at this point. We may expand to bi-monthly. Stay tuned! Go to our website Home Page to see the announcement for the next Webinar:

When you say “International Webinars”, what do you mean?

We have registrants from many foreign countries including Canada, New Zealand, South Africa, Australia, Germany, South Korea, and Russia.