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Great Gardens Symposium – Registration Page

Complete the form below to register for the Great Gardens Spring Symposium on Saturday, April 13, 2019, at the Woodstock Inn & Resort in Woodstock, VT.

Please complete the information for every field below - ALL fields are required in order to register for the Symposium. If information is missing you will be asked to enter it before submitting your registration.

After you've registered, you'll receive two emails - a confirmation notice with additional details, and a payment receipt. Be sure to enter your correct email address in the form below and check your inbox in a few hours after registering.

  • This is the ONLY email address that will receive the receipt, confirmation notice and associated information. Please enter your email twice to confirm that you've entered it correctly.
  • Just in case there are some last-minute changes that I need to tell you about.
  • If you are a Master Gardener or are registering as part of a group of 5+, to receive the special discount please use the paper registration form and mail it in with your check(s).

    There is NO discount available through online registration.

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  • Please print this registration page now and keep a copy for permanent reference. After you have printed this page please click below to complete payment and register for the Symposium. Thank you!
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