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Great Gardens Pre-Symposium – Registration

Complete the form below to register for the Great Gardens Spring Pre-Symposium on Friday, April 12, 2019, at the Woodstock Inn & Resort in Woodstock, VT.

Please complete the information for every field below - ALL fields are required in order to register for the Pre-Symposium. If information is missing you will be asked to enter it before submitting your registration. After you've registered, you'll receive two emails - a confirmation notice with additional details, and a payment receipt. Be sure to enter your correct email address in the form below and check your inbox in a few hours after registering.
  • This is the ONLY email address that will receive the receipt, confirmation notice and associated information. Please enter your email twice to confirm that you've entered it correctly.
  • Just in case there are some last-minute changes that I need to tell you about.
  • If you are a Master Gardener or are registering as part of a group of 5+, to receive the special discount please use the paper registration form and mail it in with your check(s).

    There is NO discount available through online registration.

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  • Please print this registration page now and keep a copy for permanent reference. After you have printed this page please click below to complete your payment and registration for the Symposium. Thank you!
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