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Evan and Mom’s Corner

Sergio and I took full advantage of the 64 hours that Evan was home for Thanksgiving. He flew into Portland, Maine on Wednesday afternoon and had to return to NYC early Saturday morning. Even though the visit wasn’t long, we squeezed in a lot of quality time. We had a lot of great talks, a wonderful dinner out in Kennebunkport, lunch with my Dad and stepmom, a crazy shopping spree on Black Friday and a laugh-filled Thanksgiving dinner at my sister’s farmhouse in Kennebunk. I think Evan may have found it a ‘vacation’ to return to work.

This past weekend he moved from the East side to Greenwich Village. His old apartment was furnished, not so this tiny one bedroom location. He says he has a bed, a couple of chairs (I’m hoping they aren’t folding lawn chairs), some lamps, and a small TV. He didn’t mention plates and flatware. This is another one of those wonderful character building experiences. I am hoping to visit him in the next week or two to enjoy Christmas festivities in NYC and check out his ‘man cave’.