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Evan and Mom’s Corner

I’ve heard very little from Evan these past few weeks. He has had some big projects that have buried him in work – weekdays and weekends. He sounded pretty wrecked when I spoke to him for a few precious minutes last week. I was so concerned that I decided to BAKE him some cookies. This may sound like a no-brainer for many of you, but I am not a fan of kitchens. I really do not get pleasure out of baking or cooking (they’re different, right?). But my mother’s heart ached so I reached for my cake mix cookie recipe and went at it. I tore open the cake mix bag, poured into bowl, added two eggs, 1/3 cup of oil, some vanilla and stirred. Tossed some chocolate chips into the bowl, and into my mouth, and stirred again. Then plopped blobs onto a cooking sheet and baked for 10 minutes. I let them cool, put some into a Ziplock bag, some in my mouth, and shipped to NYC. Evan said they were delicious and really appreciated all of the time and effort it took to bake him homemade cookies. Hey, sometimes you gotta dig deep.

I hope you’ll enjoy some of our family pictures from this past month.

My twin sister and I turned 60 in January

Kim, me and my Dad who will turn 85 in February

While speaking at a Plant Conference in Columbus, I met these guys at Starbucks attending an anime convention